Kisan Card


Pledging agricultural uplift, Kisan Card as a novel technological intervention has been set into motion by the present government to alleviate the suffering of the farming community and remove bottlenecks in getting subsidies and financial assistance. The card would help transform the agriculture sector enabling the farmers to draw direct cash subsidies with one click of a Smartphone and without any interference from a third party.  Under the mega program, different facilities were being extended to farmers with the Kissan card aimed at extending direly needed financial support in a highly transparent manner. It noted that the current government has introduced Rs 300 billion program to boost agricultural productivity and improve the financial condition of the peasants by upgrading agriculture infrastructure and reducing input costs. Statistically, there are over 5.2 million farmers in Punjab province among whom there are 3.4 million registered farmers. Smooth and judicious distribution of Kissan cards would also pave way for registration of all benefiting farmers. Registration and issuance of Kisan Card in Pakistan would also help maintain a strong liaison between the government and the peasants. it is important for the government to ensure its unhindered continuation to reach out to farmers in every nook and corner and free them from the cruel clutches of corrupt officials and exploitation of middlemen. Indeed, It is purely a farmer-friendly initiative and suggested to also add loaning facilities through this card ensuring that farmer community all across the country benefit from this initiative.

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