Kim Kardashian’s ring stolen in Paris


Kim Kardashian has sadly not recovered her stolen 20-carat diamond ring. The KKW Beauty mogul addressed the fan confusion after she posed with a massive emerald-cut diamond in her latest KKW Fragrance ads for her Diamonds Collection that looked very similar to the Lorraine Schwartz ring, which was taken from her during a 2016 robbery in Paris.Though fans initially thought Kim, 39, had regained possession of the missing “second” engagement ring, the mother-of-four explained the gem seen in the adverts was just a loaner.
“I borrowed all jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It was nice to borrow it all and it was nice to give it back to her.”
She continued, “That was a really fun shoot and because it was diamonds, I thought this was the perfect way to bring it back and wear them again.”Kim added that she turned to Schwartz, who also designed her first engagement ring from husband Kanye West, for the shoot because the jeweler “always knows the cut and everything that I really wanted.”“So when I want to wear something, I’ll borrow it from her for the day,” she said. “There is a replica around. A little fake that I’ll borrow from her sometimes that she made. A really nice one. It looks really nice.”

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