Kim Kardashian Dropping New Fragrance


Kim Kardashian rescheduled her fragrance launch from the same day as Taylor Swift’s release of ‘ME!’ to the day of the singer’s album drop.
Taylor Swift is releasing her seventh studio album, Lover, later this month so naturally Kim Kardashian is dropping something then, too. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 38, announced on Aug. 2 that her fragrance collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner would be launching on Aug. 23, which coincidentally is the exact same day that Taylor’s album comes out.
Fans weren’t thrilled about the timing, believing that it may not actually be all that coincidental given the two stars’ history with each other. As you’re likely well aware, Kim came for Taylor in 2016, releasing a series of Snapchat videos that were meant to “expose” the 29-year-old singer for lying about knowing Kanye West was going to namedrop her on his song “Famous.” Taylor has called out Kim for bullying her on multiple occasions since the incident.

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