Kim Cattrall takes swipe at Sarah Jessica


Kim Cattrall takes another swipe at Sarah Jessica Parker as she says she wants to work with ‘good people’ and vows she’ll never return to SATC franchise
They say ‘never say never’, but Kim Cattrall has now made it clear she will ‘never’ partake in Sex and the City 3.
The 62-year-old beauty, who played the much loved character of Samantha Jones, confirmed on Sunday that she would never be returning to the franchise, taking a slight jab at known enemy, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Speaking with Mail Online, the beauty made light of her ongoing feud, even hinting the 54-year-old wasn’t a ‘good person’.
When asked if there was any chance she’d appear in another Sex and the City movie, she replied ‘Never. It’s a no from me,’ without any hesitation.
‘You learn lessons in life and my lesson is to do work with good people and try and make it fun.’
While rumors of a feud have swirled for years, the depth of Kim and Sarah’s strained friendship came to light after the the grief-stricken 62-year-old slammed the Carrie Bradshaw star’s Tweet after her brother’s death.

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