Khan Stands for Minorities


On 4th August a shameless incident of discretion of Hindu temple took place in Punjab. Several men were seen with rods and a crowbar smashing the glass cases in which the idols were placed and lighting fixtures that were also damaged. Luckily, no one from the minority community was injured. It is said that the mob attacked the temple in response to the blasphemy committed by a 9 year old boy. Allegedly, the boy urinated on the carpet of the madrassa. However, the court granted bail to the boy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemned the actions and ordered the Police Chief of the Punjab province to arrest the culprits and take action “against any police negligence”. Further, he said that the government will restore the temple. In response to the incident, paramilitary troops were deployed in the town of Bhong, Punjab. Punjab police official Asif Raza said the police have a list of 50 suspects and promised speedy arrests. He said troops were now guarding the temple and that security has been provided to members of the Hindu community.

Moreover, the issue has been highlighted by the international media as well. This incident will send a ripple of fear to the Hindu community. Furthermore, they will feel more unsafe in the country. Such incidents are happening now and then. It will reinforce the sense of insecurity among Pakistan’s minorities as a whole.

This incident highlights the fact that society has become radicalized and patience is decreasing day by day. Justice should prevail and such incidents should not be left unattended. It is the responsibility of the State to assure safety of minority rights and punish those involved in vandalizing the temple, and those involved in instigation.

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