Keep hopes alive


Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, but people usually take autumn as a season of destruction, sadness, and melancholy. Some people think of this autumn season as the end of things focusing on the death or loss of what was, but we should be thinking of it as a change, a rebirth, a cycle a fresh start. It actually the nourishment of life, a hope for a new and good time to come. Our approach should be optimistic as pessimism has disadvantages in the form of depression and negativity, but the question is why we people are having such behaviors towards Autumn and all the things that may not sound very attractive and enchanting, but have positivity and deep philosophy in them. The reason is in fact our own conventional thoughts for such phenomena. We can change our frame of mind by moving ahead with an optimistic approach. When a year comes to its end we pray for the next one to be very successful, full of life, and without sorrows and grieves. The same should be the case with the things that seem to be unconventional. The actual point of discussion is not the Autumn but in fact, prevailed conventional state of mind.  We Pakistanis have a great and rich history, a theoretical base of brave people, and a strong defense system headed by one of the strongest Armed Forces in the world then what is the actual problem, surely the behaviors of people and the more important part is the solution of this behavioral issue and finding the way to cope with the issue. What we have to do is to change our approach. If the situation is worse it doesn’t mean that it would always remain the same. This thought should not be only in a personal capacity but also for the people around you and most importantly for the Mother Land.

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