Kazakhstan Independence Day marked


Naveed Ahmad Khan


To celebrate the  anniversary of the independence of Republic of Kazakhstan, Ambassador Akan Rakhmetullin & Intizara Rakhmetullina hosted an impressive reception here on Friday. Federal Minister for Privatisation Commission Muhammad Mian Soomro graced the occasion as a chief guest, which was attended by all the central Asian countries ambassadors and various other ambassadors, diplomats, businessmen and civilians. National day of Kazakhstan was celebrated in a very different way and arguably it was one of the best diplomatic receptions of 2019 by all means because the ambassador of Kazakhstan put his heart and mind to make the event a memorable one. As a regular participant of diplomatic receptions, Akan Rakhmetullin extraordinary efforts are being made to bring the two countries closer to each other and he  showed keen interest in developing strong bond with people and government of Pakistan. On the occasion, Akan Rakhetullin said that Pakistan, he said, was the first country to recognise Kazakhstan after independence in 1991 and it was Pakistan where our president paid the first visit. Since very beginning, he said, our relations with Pakistan are based on mutual respect and we are supporting each other on international forums. Both the countries have similar stance on major global issues and we easily see this in our cooperation in United Nations, OIC, Asia Europe forum and many other forums..

Muhammad Mian Soomro said that  we look forward to enhancing this cooperation and our trade and economic cooperation is increasing to the largest landlocked countries to lead economies. He said both the countries have great potential to develop regional cooperation by connecting central and south Asia.

Kashmala Tariq Federal Ombudsman for Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace, was also there. She is a very soft spoken and humble lady and because of her charismatic personality, she was centre of attention for all the guests. People were eager to meet her and wanted to have a photo with her.

After collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan declared its independence on December 16, 1991. The country has been swiftly moving towards prosperity and development since its independence under the leadership of Noor Sultan Nazarbayev and stands today as one of the strongest economies in the region. As an important player in the new global world, its sustainable economic policies are in the interests of all and strengthen its reputation in the International community.

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