Katherine Schwarzenegger loves motherhood


Katherine Schwarzenegger has “enjoyed every single minute” of parenthood.

The 31-year-old writer and her husband Chris Pratt have eight-month-old Lyla together and the author has seen the coronavirus pandemic as an “incredible gift” because it’s meant her parents, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and her siblings Christina, Patrick, and Christopher, have been able to spend more time with the youngster than they otherwise could have done.

She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “It’s just such a great experience for me and really exciting as well to be able to see my whole family around my daughter.

“It’s really awesome, and, you know, as I’ve gotten older, to be able to just see different and new opportunities and really new chapters that are really exciting … this motherhood chapter has just been truly incredible for me and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it and I just absolutely love it.

“My sister is such a hands-on auntie and both my brothers, Patrick and Christopher, are just really great uncles to her,” she says. “And to see both my parents step into their roles as grandparents have been such an incredible gift and definitely a silver lining of this crazy past year that we’ve had of, you know, not being able to see people the way we once did.”

After Maria previously insisted she doesn’t want to be called grandma, Katherine revealed there’s a “secret fun” name they have been using instead.

She said: “She’s very keen on just being like, that’s not exactly what I’m gonna be called. But she has a secret, fun, little name with my daughter and she’s really cute with her and just the best grandma. My dad is the best grandpa, so it’s great.”

And Katherine thinks it’s been “beautiful” to watch Chris – who has an eight-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris – step up to being a “girl dad”.

She added: “But to be able to spend real quality time with my family has been such a great gift and then, of course, to see my husband step into the role of being a girl dad is so beautiful as well, so it’s been all really nice.”

The ‘Gift of Forgiveness’ writer is looking forward to her first Mother’s Day on 9 May but doesn’t want the attention to be solely on her as she wants to “honor” her own mom too.

She said: “Mother’s Day is such a big holiday in our family, of course, because we have an incredible mom. When I think of what my first Mother’s Day hopefully will look like, it’ll just be with our family, and being able to honor my mom and then have an experience for me as a first mom is really exciting as well, so I just look forward to family time.”

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