Kashmiris observe black day



On the Indian Republican Day, Kashmiris from alongside LOC on both sides are observing the black day to draw the attention of the global community towards the illicit Indian occupation for decades. Furthermore, the Pakistani community also showing solidarity with the Kashmiris and vow to extend full support for their struggle for freedom of rights. In the account of this, the masses and state representatives expressing sympathies to Kashmir through print, electronic and social media. One of the key elements is the role of the Pakistani and Kashmiri diasporic community that has been a staunch advocate of promoting the real voices of enduring freedom of struggle across the globe. On this Kashmir’s have reaffirmed their strong commitment to the cause of their rights of self-determination and also pledges to carry out unconditional sacrifices trail until they succeed. The determination of the Kashmiris cannot be ruled out as they contained the Indian belligerence with their exceptional spirit of sacrifices. Nevertheless, the journey towards their destination is almost closer to the final mark. India is running out of options as it played with a full deck to and now there is no way of betrayal but to accept the demands of freedom of Kashmiris. In retrospect, India escalates its violence and belligerence in Kashmir. Ever since Modi came into power, it has vehemently wrecked and unprecedented violence with grim consequences. one of the dismaying factors is the duplicity of the international community. It has unable to fulfill its obligations in compliance with the R2P doctrine. Given the circumstances, if this vitiated situation is left ignored it will push the entire region into an enduring crisis. Indian tyranny has deteriorated the prospects of engagement and peace in the region. It must accept that there is no other option but to accept the demand of Kashmiris.

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