Kashmir Martyrs’ Day: PM Imran hammers ‘illegal and barbaric’ Indian occupation


ISLAMABAD: Prime Serve Imran Khan paid tribute to the individuals of Kashmir Monday for laying down their lives “for flexibility and nowadays they proceed to battle and resist a Hindutva supremacist administration” which is resolute on wiping out the Kashmiri people. The prime serve in his message on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day, whereas saluting the Kashmiris for their proceeded battle against the unlawful and primitive Indian occupation of involved Kashmir said, “The shuhada of 13 July 1931 were the progenitors of today’s Kashmiri resistance,” PM Imran tweeted.“Their relatives have, era after era, laid down their lives for opportunity and nowadays they proceed to valiantly battle and resist a Hindutva Supremacist administration bowed on statistic building to wipe out the Kashmiri individuals and their identity,” he added. The prime serve included that Pakistan will proceed to bolster the Kashmiris right to self-determination till it is liberated. “Pakistan has continuously stood enduring for the Kashmiri right t

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