Kashmir & Indian evil designs


Hamid Khan Wazir:

On August 5, 2019, when the Indian notorious
fascist government took a unilateral
and unlawful decision stripping the special
status of Indian Occupied Kashmir
by abrogating Articles 370 and 35A, it
was quite evident that the next move of the Narendra
Modi-led government would be to turn muslim majority
state into Hindu majority. Prime Minister Imran
Khan, while reacting to the Indian government’s move
to scrap Article 370, which granted special status to
Jammu and Kashmir, expressed his apprehension that
New Delhi will attempt to “change the demography of
Kashmir through ethnic cleansing”.
The Pakistani premier’s apprehension proved true,
when Sandeep Chakravorty, India’s consul general in
New York, has gone viral on social media, in which he
is addressing a group of Kashmiri Hindus – known as
Pandits – at a private event in the US city last week advocating
Israel-like settlements of Kashmiri Hindus.
“I believe the security situation will improve, it will
allow the refugees to go back, and in your lifetime,
you will be able to go back … and you will be able to
find security, because we already have a model in the
world,” said Chakravorty, referring to the exodus of
tens of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus in 1989 after
an armed rebellion against the Indian rule started in
the Himalayan region. “I don’t know why we don’t follow
it. It has happened in the Middle East. If the Israeli
people can do it, we can also do it,” he said, adding that
the current Indian leadership is “determined” to do so.
However, the senior Indian diplomat has triggered
a controversy by calling for the adoption of an “Israeli
model” in Indian-administered Kashmir, which is reeling
under a crippling military lockdown and internet
blackout since August 5, 2015, where Indian brutal
forces unleashed waves of state barbarism and atrocities.
Kashmiri novelist and journalist Mirza Waheed
reacted that it was “simply outrageous” that a senior
Indian diplomat was allowed to express “such offensive
and extremist views”.
We strongly condemn the perspective of the Indian
Consulate General, but we are not surprised by this
brazen perspective. We have known all along that
the Indian state’s intention is demographic change in
Kashmir. Waheed said the comparison with Israel “cannot
have any other meaning but an endorsement of a
settler-colonial project”.
Hurriyat leaders, organizations and civil society members
have strongly condemned the assertions made by
an Indian diplomat. Hurriyat organizations including
Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and
Kashmir Muslim Conference, Tehreek-Wahdat-e-Islami,
Peoples League and Young Men’s League maintained
that the move was aimed at changing the demographic
character of Jammu and Kashmir, which could not be
acceptable to the Kashmiri people.
They said that the assertions are in blatant violation
of the UN resolutions on Kashmir. The organisations
vowed to resist the Indian government’s designs, tooth
and nail adding that the diplomat should have not been
allowed to express such offensive and extremist views
on the US soil. They pointed out that the remarks of
Sandeep Chakravorty reflect a new brazenness with
which Indian officials are stating their agenda of a
settler-colonial state and forced demographic change
in Kashmir.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan shared the
Middle East Eye article on Twitter on Wednesday, saying
that Chakravorty’s views reflect “the fascist mindset
of the Indian government”.
“Shows the fascist mindset of the Indian govt’s RSS
ideology that has continued the siege of IOJK for over
100 days, subjecting Kashmiris to the worst violation
of their human rights while the powerful countries
remain silent bec [sic] of their trading interests,”
Khan posted.
Rights groups have alleged the region’s eight million
residents are being denied basic human rights, while
thousands, including senior politicians and activists,
have been arrested and put in jails in and outside
Though he later clarified that his remarks are being
taken out of context, the silence of the Indian government
over his irresponsible’s remarks strengthened
the perception that what he said was the government
policy to change the demography of only muslim majority
Time is ripe that the world powers and Human Rights
organizations should intervene to foil the Indian notorious
government’s nefarious designs to change the
muslim majority state into Hindu majority state

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