Kashmir dispute & regional peace


The resolution of decades-old Kashmir dispute as per the UN resolutions and aspiration of the people of the occupied valley is of paramount importance, as what the final and permanent solution to the conflict because it is a permanent threat to the regional peace. The Indian forces illegally landed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947, and together with Patiyala troops , already illegally present in Kashmir, Indian Dogra forces and RSS terrorists carried out the genocide of over 300,000 Kashmiris and displaced over one million Kashmiri Muslims. The situation; however, turned from bad to worse on August 5 when the Occupied authorities stripped the special status of the heaven-like valley, as afterwards the occupied forces unleashes wave of barbarism and state terrorism and imposed curfew. The brutal administration didn’t allow even the basic food items and emergency medicines due to which there are acute shortage of these items in the valley which further multiplied the woes of the inhabitants of the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). The occupied valley could turn into a largest torture cell where Kashmiri leadership especially youth and women being tortured ruthlessly; however the world has yet to take a notice to stop the unabated and rising atrocities being committed by the brutal Indian forces. The world community and human right organizations express their grave concerns over the current worsening human rights violations and humanitarian crisis in the valley; however they are yet to take tangible and solid steps to bring an end to the inhuman acts in the valley. The world powers should bear in mind the peace in the region would remain a dream till resolution of the Kashmir dispute as per the UN resolutions and in accordance with the aspiration of the dwellers of the valley.

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