Kashmir continues to bleed


The Kashmiri people are subjected to the worst lockdown in global history, depriving the dwellers of their fundamental rights. The 93-days long lockdown has turned the valley into a world largest open jail, aggravating their miseries in terms of blocking communication and non-supply of food items and medicines.

Thousands of youth had been subjected to abduction, torture and custodial killings besides indiscriminate use of arms on innocent women and children.

The people’s anger and resentment continued to grip Kashmir Valley, as military lockdown coupled with complete ban on internet and prepaid mobile services have pushed the territory into the Stone Age. As part of an ongoing civil disobedience movement, people continue to keep their shops and business establishments closed and shun schools and offices. Indefinite strike by lawyers continued to affect work at High Court and subordinate courts in all parts of Jammu region for the fifth consecutive day, who are protesting against clipping of judicial powers by the Indian government.

A report citing fresh police data said that about 8,000 people, including political leaders, have been rounded up in Kashmir Valley in the past three months. However, the actual number is far more than claimed in the police report.

The Indian could unleash waves of barbarism and atrocities; however Kashmiris could not be deprived for long of their inalienable right to self-determination.

Narendra Modi-led Indian government is promoting fascism and Nazism in occupied valley; hence the world community and human right organizations should take notice of the soaring human right violations in the valley.

India’s illegal actions to alter the disputed status of occupied Kashmir and imposition of communication blockade contravene numerous UN resolutions, international law, and basic human rights of the people; however the world silence over these grave violations raised many eyebrows.

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