Kamyab Pakistan Programme


In the current fiscal year the incumbent government has allocated a subsidy of Rs25 billion to facilitate Rs1.6 trillion loans to small borrowers over next two-three years under Kamyab Pakistan Program (KPP). It is indeed the most motivated micro-credit programme ever designed in Pakistan. It has three apparatus including Kamyab Jawan, Naya Pakistan low-cost housing, and Sehat Insaaf cards. The Kamyab Jawan comprise of Kamyab Karobar providing loans worth Rs1.2 trillion to 3.5 million small entrepreneurs and Kamyab Kissan offering loans of Rs700 billion to 2.4 million small farmers. The Sehat cards and the National Skills Development programme are also being connected with KPP, with the latter being rebranded as Kamyab Hunermand. For low-cost housing, the government plans to spend Rs1.8 trillion to 1.2 million families. In short, the KPP is a platform for amalgamation of a number of on hand schemes under one umbrella, but on a considerably improved range. Additionally the programme has integrated a number of planned developments. At the outset, the KPP plans to connect micro-finance providers (MFPs), which have so far been mainly barred from these schemes. The MFPs with their enormous outreach will be capable enough to provide a much wider population while dealing with allied issues related to the present schemes. Secondly, the KPP will be leveraging liquidity in the banking system rather than the government funds. With such advancement, the government will be proficient to influence its financial support 15 times in the first year.

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