Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive


Pledging revival of sports culture in the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive, the largest sports initiative in the history of country. The Drive is part of four projects worth four billion rupees being started in the country to keep the youth engaged in extracurricular and sports activities. The event, in its first phase, consists of 12 games including hockey, cricket, football, handball, wrestling, weightlifting, squash, volleyball, ski, judo, boxing and Athletics. Indeed it is a much needed initiative to engage our youth in healthy activities. Pakistan’s young generation has zeal and talent that will be systematized by virtue of the Sports Drive Program.  Likewise, this initiative will have a long-term impact on the future of sports in Pakistan. Pakistan is far away from numerous sports that are included in the Olympics. Unfortunately, the Pakistani nation has a stereotype that sports are not a career. But, there are multiple examples around the world that negate such a mindset. Pakistan needs to unveil and cash the economic strings attached with different sports. Moreover, this program will enhance the soft power of the country. The younger generation of Pakistan will establish a positive image of Pakistan at international level. Adding further, The Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive will provide an equal opportunity to the young males and females of Pakistan to showcase their talent. This initiative will encourage the youth to engage in healthy activities rather than indulging in nefarious pursuits like drug. This initiative will have a long term impact on the future of our young generation. The enthusiasm of our youngsters to participate in Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive depicts the bright future of Pakistan. Such initiatives to also empower the sports diplomacy and Pakistan may retain the past glory of having leading athletes.

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