Kamyab Jawan Green Youth Movement


To further expand the horizons of youth engagement, government in Partnership with British Council of Pakistan recently launched Ceremony of Kamyab Jawan Green Youth Movement.  Under this new initiative 137 Youth clubs will be established in Public universities across the country. These green youth clubs will serve as a catalyst for positive and healthy youth engagement. Furthermore, Green Youth Movement will also work for the promotion of Eco-innovation and Global climate SDG’s. Under Kamyab Jawan Green Youth Movement, Green youth clubs will train and equip the youth of Pakistan about the sustainable development procedures to be adopted in entrepreneurship and businesses. This will initiate a chain of sustainable businesses across the country. Green youth initiative boot camps will be organized through the Green Youth Clubs. Selected youth will be trained through these boot camps. Financial incentive will also be provided to the chosen youth. The Green Youth Clubs will also conduct “Green elections”. Through which students will be given an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. More than 2.5 million students from all across Pakistan will be involved in Kamyab Jawan Green Youth Movement. Under this program, potential avenues for economic development will emerge and 65,000 jobs will be created. The Green Youth Movement initiative will be supported by British Council and School of Leadership Foundation (SoLF), a national-scale youth-led organization.  Such initiatives to empower the youth of country and it will also ensure the constructive engagement for the community and society development, progress.

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