Justin accepts Jordan’s shootout challenge



Justin Bieber has accepted a face-off, but on an ice rink after the I don’t Care singer was challenged for a game by the St. Louis Blues player, Jordan Binnington.

Bieber, with his hockey skills, has not only impressed fans but also took the notice of the goaltender. Taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old player, offered a shootout competition to the pop singer. Binnington wrote a comment under one of Justin’s posts, “10 breakaways me vs you. You score one on me I’ll dye my hair platinum blonde.” The Baby hit-maker didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge as he soon posted a screenshot of the comment and replied, “How bout 10 thousand dollars to charity I score and you donate to a charity of my choice and we film it.” With the latter yet to respond, the fans are already hyped up for the face off which no one knows when will take place.

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