Jennifer to change her name after marriage


Jennifer Lawrence cannot wait to become Mrs. Cooke Maroney and take her husband’s name so they will be forever bound in the eyes of the law. The American Hustle star Jennifer Lawrence became engaged to art dealer Maroney in February (19) after just a few months of dating, but the actress claims she knew he would become her future husband the moment they met – even though she wasn’t even thinking about settling down at the time. “I just met Cooke and I wanted to marry him,” she shared on the NAKED with Catt Sadler podcast. “We wanted to marry each other… “Cooke is the greatest human being I’ve ever met, he really is. And he gets better. I know that sounds really stupid, but he is the greatest person I’ve ever met. I feel very honoured to (soon) be a Maroney.” Explaining why she quickly changed her tune about marriage, she said, “We wanted to commit fully, and he’s my best friend.” Part of that commitment includes adopting her man’s last name: “I want to legally bind him to me forever and, fortunately, the paperwork exists for such a thing,” she continued. “It’s the greatest. You find your favourite person on the planet, you’re like, ‘You can’t leave.’ So, I wanted to take (him) up on that offer.” Lawrence has been spending much of her time over the past year in New York City, where Maroney is based, and living in the Big Apple has forced the 28 year old to overcome some of the boundary issues she developed after finding fame. “I feel like I got to know myself in the past year,” she said. “You know, I met somebody, I fell in love and I started a new life in New York.—VoM

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