Jennifer Lopez responds to botox claims


DUBAI: US superstar Jennifer Lopez responded this week to a claim by one of her followers that said she uses Botox to keep her skin looking youthful.

Commenting on an IGTV video that the singer shared this week showing off her flawless skin after using her JLO Beauty face mask, the user wrote: “But can I just mention that brows and forehead doesn’t move at all when you talk or try to express… you definitely have Botox. And tons of it. And it’s all good. Just saying.”

In the video which Lopez filmed back when she first tried on the mask, the 51-year-old actress, dancer and now entrepreneur, said: “Honestly, I cannot even see a line on my face… I feel like it took 10 years off my face.”

The star however came to her own defense and responded to the user saying: “Thats just my face!!! ….For the 500 millionth time… I have never done Botox or any injectables or surgery!!”

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