Jennifer Lopez meets her look-alike Peña


Last year, Spanish TV station Univision introduced audiences to Connie Peña, a Jennifer Lopez impersonator planning a tribute to the star. Now, it looks like Jennifer Lopez has finally met look-alike Connie Peña, and there’s a photo to seal the deal. Peña is a Mexican-Peruvian woman whose similarity to Lopez is so striking that she travels with bodyguards.
She’s run with the comparisons though, and is often seen copying Lopez’s hairstyles on her Instagram and traveling in the same glittery jumpsuits as Jenny from the Block. After being spotlighted by Univision, Peña planned to do a proper tribute to her icon, complete with singing and dancing. Earlier this week, Peña and Lopez finally met at a meet-and-greet on Lopez’s it’s My Party tour. Lucky for us, the whole encounter was documented on Instagram.
The pair stood side-by-side to enhance their similar looks. Peña captioned the photo, “I finally got the opportunity to meet the Ms Jennifer Lopez, the LEGEND, my ICON, and the woman that has motivated me and impacted my life in so many ways! This day changed my life. I had been waiting so very long for this day to come. I’ve never been so nervous in my life! It has been 1 year to date that I announced to the world that I would be doing the first ever tribute to her.
Pena wasn’t able to say much to the actress and singer after she was starstruck by the encounter. She went on to say, It was such a blessing to [see] her reaction and smile at me and the HUG we had given to each other was unforgettable. Hearing her tell me that ‘WE LOOK ALIKE,’ made my heart drop with joy.

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