Jennifer Aniston reveals her favourite TV show



Jennifer Aniston has quite literally broken all search records ever since she made her Instagram debut. Although the Friends star has 13 posts on the app, she enjoys unfathomable popularity on the medium. One of Aniston’s posts has a picture of her dog Clyde and it is no secret that the actress is a massive dog-lover.

Because of this, Aniston has revealed that her favourite TV event to watch every Thanksgiving is the National Dog Show.

Aniston has some very specific Thanksgiving traditions that she strictly follows every year. In a conversation with Maria Shriver, Aniston revealed that she wakes up to make phone calls to her friends and family.

She then enjoys a glass of Bloody Mary, tunes in to the National Dog Show and takes it easy for a few hours. The day is also filled with making a list of things Aniston is thankful for. It is also reported that Aniston celebrates Thanksgiving in a lavish manner while hosting a grand event at her house an evening before Thanksgiving.

Guests from Jimmy Kimmel and Courteney Cox to Ed Sheeran are invited to the Aniston’s yearly party.

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