Jennifer Aniston opens up about Brad split



The breakdown of her marriage to Brad Pitt was devastating for Jennifer Aniston but her thoughts about love and marriage are heartbreaking in hindsight. Back in 2005, it was no shock for Friends star Aniston when time was finally called on her marriage to Hollywood hunk Pitt. To the outside world, it was a devastating split of one Hollywood’s golden couples but inside their relationship, the cracks had been present for a while with Angelina Jolie , and despite always refuting a claim he was having an affair, the doubts have always been there.

Despite this though, in her first interview after the divorce was finalised, Aniston spoke positively about love, marriage and children to Vanity Fair. At the time Aniston said that she doesn’t believe in one true love and this is one of her premonitions that came true. She said, I think there are many people, many soul mates. Where the heart strings are tugged is when it comes to her thoughts on starting a family. This was reportedly not on the table during her time with Pitt, so Aniston was desperate to find the father of her children.

She said,  it’s out there. It will happen. There’s an amazing man that’s wandering the streets right now who’s the father of my children. In five years I would hope to be married and have a kid.

Click through for a selection of images from her career so far. She star has never had children but was married to Justin Theroux for two years between 2015 and 2017. Aniston went on to reaffirm her belief that tying the knot was part of her plan.

She said,  I still believe in marriage 100 percent. When I hear people say that they would never do it again, it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Her conclusion to the interview proved to be the most insightful view as to how Aniston’s love life panned out in the end. She said, maybe it’s a fairy tale, but I believe in happily ever after.

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