It’s crazy, men can’t praise women: Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz has taken issue with modern feminists, insisting the #MeToo movement is stopping men from complimenting women on their appearance. The Spanish actress tells Tatler magazine she thinks it’s crazy that men can no longer freely flatter colleagues and strangers without the threat of reprisals. Cruz rages, this is a worldwide problem. This is a big thing. And for us to be commenting, But Penelope believes there have been some benefits to the movement, launched to shine a light on sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood, adding, I feel like everything that they’re asking us in interviews, they ask us about the changes that have happened in the business over the last couple of years, in terms of the movement towards equality for women and respect for women. Of course it feels like there’s been some improvement. But it’s only the beginning.— VoM

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