IT Based Economy


In order to stimulate the development of information technology and the information industry, the Pakistani government has announced record incentives and also ensured the immediate solution of the issues faced by the IT sector. The trends have been changing not only in Pakistan but across the globe as well. The countries with the quantum jump in exports of non-traditional items and the IT sector is one of them. Moreover, artificial intelligence and many others in the IT sector are new concepts. Pakistan is also producing IT professionals in good numbers. The government has announced the tax exemption on freelancers in the IT sector which is a great development. Meanwhile, certain reforms have also been introduced to boost the sector. Currently, we have two billion dollars exports in the IT sector but it is not enough. We have to bring new reforms including digitalization, cloud warehousing, data storage, and many others. These youth in the country are familiar with new terminologies. Other than the traditional exports items we have to focus on new trends of the world as well. There is great potential for job opportunities in the IT sector. At the same time, the Pakistani government attaches importance to IT education. So far, around 2.2 million students, including those from remote areas, have joined a course on digital skills. Work in the IT sector is not restricted by region or gender, so it is playing a key role for women’s empowerment by allowing them to work from home.

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