Islamophobic Remarks


The remarks of BJP officials against holy personalities of Islam are worrisome. Pakistan has lodged a strong protest against this act. Muslims across the world are lodging protests against these derogatory remarks. It is high time that all Muslims stand united and raise their strong voice against Islamophobic act of Indian officials. The BJP government in India is staunchly against the Muslims and wants to convert India into a Hindu state. In recent weeks, there is a systematic campaign in India to turn Mosques into Mandirs. Organization of Islamic Cooperation has also given its strong response and condemned these remarks. Oman, Kuwait, UAE and many other Arab states have called it animosity against Muslims. t is a matter of great tragedy and concern for the Muslims of whole world that derogatory remarks have been passed against prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by BJP. BJP is an extremist party and since its inception has been targeting people of other faiths than Hindus. We as Muslims are very shocked and enraged at the latest remarks made by senior BJP officials against Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a blessing for the whole humanity, not only Muslims. It is high time that Muslims from all countries stand united and raise their voices against this blasphemy. The Arab and rich countries of Gulf should totally boycott the Indian products. Efforts should be made at global level to create laws against Islamophobia, so that no one dares to say anything bad against Islam.  India claims itself to be a secular country. Yet, the rise of Hindutva has made the life of all minorities, especially Muslims, difficult.

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