Islamic Perspective of Global Phenomena and Globalization


We live in the time of complicated global changes; new thought phenomenon has surrounded us. These phenomenon and changes have encountered us with various challenges in many fields. Among these modern cultural phenomenon is the phenomenon and process of globalization which is one of the results of modernism and the advancement of information technology. The phenomenon of globalization has gained great importance due to the numerous influences which had and have on the culture of economy and politics of the countries and nations.
  In today world that the rapid growth and development of mass communication’s devices and informational-communicative technologies have reduced the distances and broken the borders of time and place, the subject of the globalization is of high importance that we can see its influences on the whole various aspects of the life, from the greatest ideals and human values to the smallest matters of life.
  One of the most important fields which are discussed in relation with the subject of the globalization is the relationship between religion and the globalization.
  Islam is not in conflict with the matter of becoming global and making global, but the characteristics of the globalization differ from the current idiomatic feature of it from the Islamic point of view. Reviewing the content of religion texts and religion culture confronts us with this undeniable fact that Islam religion is a global religion and it has always tried to become world-wide in its historical experience. Also, Islam has brought up the matter of the globalization, establishment of global society and global government.  
 What is the globalization and which acceptable definition can we present for it? Various definitions have been presented about this concept so far, this matter shows the lack of total agreement among the researchers of social and political sciences concerning the nature of this significance. In a simple definition, we can consider the globalization as the expansion of relations and economic, political and cultural interaction’s development among the states and societies. The word of globalization and making Islam’s global has been applied for the explanation of the stage of the globalization of the communication whether via the mass communication’s devices or the interchange and kinds of messages.
  Globalization is a various and powerful process which is happening in the cultural, economic, military, political, sport of global society. About the explanation of globalization, John Talinson states that globalization gains meaning in the process of rapid development of complicated connections among the societies, cultures, institutions and people in all places of the world.
   From one hand, globalization is a conceptual framework in order to explicate the current world-wide facts. On the other hand, it is a kind of world view and insight concerning the world as a major and attached system. According to aforesaid definition, the principles and characteristics of the globalization are as follows:
1) Globalization is not a single dimensional process, but this phenomenon is a cohesive and consistent process which has infiltrated in all arenas and social fields.
2) This phenomenon is a challengeable one whose dimensions have navigated many classical concepts such as regularity, security, state, national authority, identity, national sovereignty, culture and . . . and provided the arena in order to interpret and redefine about them.
3) Globalization is a process and procedure not an ultimate situation. We deal with the process of “becoming” in the globalization. The process which has ignored the national borders with the help of factors such as the universal communication’s system, international organizations and etc. Also, This process has caused many phenomenon to be exposed to revolution, change. As it is said, first globalization is an inevitable procedure.
Second, it is a phenomenon which is resulted from some social revolutions. Third, this process will not remain as stable condition and finally will enter into another stage that some people remember it as a “world-wide unity “.
4) Globalization is neither good nor evil despite the whole oppositions and agreements. It either can or cannot be desirable, in other word, from one hand it can be a savior and on the other hand it can be fatal.
“And we have not sent you but to all the men “
“And we have not sent you but as a mercy to the worlds
“He it is who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, that He might cause it to prevail over all religions, though the polytheists may be averse  “
It has been pointed in above verses that Holy Prophet of Islam (Peace be Upon Him) has announced His Quranic message, the divine revelation, with the characteristic of eternity for all human beings. Also, the aforesaid verses imply the world’s inclusion of Islam legal system and this matter that the mission of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) is global and for all human beings.
.West can have influence on the general thinking of world easily via the management of mass media and domination over communicative technologies. Also, it can start the extensive mental war against the Muslims. Meanwhile, the mass media and especially satellite networks play very important role. We can divide the propaganda of the West against Islam in two categories:
One of the most important instruments of fighting against Islam by the West and especially America is to make visage of terror from Islam and Muslims. American companies have the greatest role withholding the management of mass media and domination over communicative technologies. In fact, they present a mistaken visage from Islam and consider the Muslims as the unconcerned people about the humane rights, aggressor to women rights and…people. These pictures have led to the deprivation of the Western Muslims from the civic rights. Furthermore, this matter has caused the limitation of the Muslims more than ever and also the encounter of the Western people to the Muslims to be accepted by the public thought of the West. We can surely say that making a visage of the terror from Islam and Muslims has become more popular after the incident of September 11 and the demolition of twin towers. The incident of September 11 caused a kind of association of ideas to be created, and changed the doubts and hesitation to an institutionalized belief in the public thought of the West (Ameli, 1382) that the Muslims are really tough and belligerent.
Huntington considers the incident of September 11 as the result of substantive contrast between Islamic civilization and Christian civilization of the West. Also, it states the reason of this contrast in the present messages and instructions in Islamic intellection. He believes that the intellectual perceptions of the Islamic and Christian civilizations are in contrast with each other. The stance of the second George Bush and plan of new Crusades are taken from the idea of Huntington after the incident of September 11.
  Introducing and magnifying the group of al-Qaeda as a Muslim group was to represent a dishonest and violent visage from Islam, while the beliefs of this group are contrary to the exalted and humane perceptions and instructions of Islam.
  Other examples of the picture of terror from Islam and Muslims can be seen obviously in Hollywood films, for example, the picture of Arab Muslims, have been indicated in some films such as Sheik, The Mummy, Cairo, The Steel Lady, Exodus, Rules of Engagement and….In these films, the Muslims hate whatever which belongs to today’s civilization on the basis of their primitive culture and they fight violently with civilization and freedom of the West. Also, Muslims who live in the desert and their steed is camel and horse deal to wine drinking and denigration of the women especially Western women, in their old tents and endanger the lives of the Arab women and children in order to reach their purposes.
Globalization can be used as a possibility in the direction of the growth and development of humane good values from this view that it has changed the communicative technology and provided rapid and cohesive availability for people throughout the world. (Ameli, 1382) According to this approach, globalization is a suitable opportunity in order to develop the exalted Islamic instructions and it is a ground for the accomplishment of global government of Islam.
   As a result, it can be said that although, the west and especially America dominated over the communicative technologies, the growth and development of these technologies especially internet and satellite have created an atmosphere that this situation can be used well, because today addressee of the media is not passive addressee anymore, they are not affected by the media messages easily, of course, it is an active addressee which selects with s/he understanding and awareness accepts a message, or ignores it. Also, the exalted messages of Islam religion which are harmonious with human’s instinct can be accepted by the active addressees of the media easily that the dust of negligence has been touched on the pure human nature of them and this matter requires the awareness and acuity of the thinkers of Islam world that they can use this condition in a better way and prove this principle that Islam is in agreement with globalization.  

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