Islamabad Security Dialogue


Pakistan is all set to host the two-day second iteration of the Islamabad Security Dialogue today. It will bring together Pakistani and international policy experts to discuss emerging challenges in international security under the theme “Comprehensive Security: Reimagining International Cooperation”.

This year, the Islamabad Security Dialogue will host 17 international speakers from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, European Union, Japan, the Philippines, and others.

The flagship event of the Dialogue will be the first-ever National Security Advisers forum where serving National Security Advisers from China, the Middle East, and Central Asia will be speaking about the future of Asian security in the fluid world order.

The Islamabad Security Dialogue 2022 will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister and have a special message by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Challenges in International Security. Keynote addresses will be delivered by the Foreign Minister, Information Minister, and the Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives among others. The Chief of Army Staff will open the second day of the Dialogue which will also host a dedicated session with Pakistan’s former National Security Advisers.

The two-day hybrid event will also include sessions on “Leveraging Geo-economics Through Growth and Connectivity”, “Navigating Disinformation and Discourse in the Information Age”, “Challenges to International Security”, “Evolving Challenges and Opportunities in International Law” and “Towards Citizen-Centric National Security”.  Pertinent to mention, Pakistan brought a paradigm shift in its policy by revamped focus from security to geo-economics.  This shift ought to seek broadband and inclusive policy appraisal to ensure the successful execution of policy.

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