Iran’s inclusion in CPEC, peace in Afghanistan to benefit every country of region: FM


By VoM

ISLAMABAD:Outside Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi says Iran’s incorporation in CPEC and harmony in Afghanistan will profit each nation of the area.

In an announcement on Friday, he said this is a shock for India, and the restriction is scrutinizing the Indian government.

The Minister said a few Indian soldiers were murdered and harmed in a conflict with China. He said there is a pressure among India and Nepal, and India-Bangladesh relationship warmth has likewise decreased.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said India needed to disengage Pakistan, yet it itself has been disconnected.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan gave India consular access to its covert operative Kulbhushan Jadhav yesterday, yet the Indian negotiators abstained from conversing with him.

He said India’s evil expectations have been uncovered as it didn’t need access to its government operative.

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