Inzamamul Haq impressed with Fawad Alam’s conversion rate in Test cricket

The 51-year-old praised batsmen Babar Azam and Fawad Alam for stepping up for their side in a tricky situation


Pakistan’s legendary former batsman Inzamamul Haq was impressed by batsman Fawad Alam’s conversion rate in Test cricket while stating that other batsmen in the side should learn from him.

The 51-year-old praised batsmen Babar Azam and Fawad Alam for stepping up for their side in a tricky situation.

“Babar Azam and Fawad Alam played really well. Regardless of the opposition or the conditions, coming in during such a pressure situation is always difficult. To score in such a situation shows the quality of the player. They combined for an excellent partnership. Fawad is still going. It was really hot and even the West Indies keeper had cramps and Fawad also suffered from the same. This is not very serious however and it can be fixed quickly. He can come back and bat and has an excellent opportunity. He has been performing really well since getting a chance to come back. He can make another hundred and add it to the list of his extraordinary recent achievements,” Inzamam said.

“He is making hundreds at a very fast rate while making just one hundred. He has the quality of making it count when he settles in. He goes for the big knocks rather than smaller knocks like fifties or sixties. This is a great thing. Others should also learn from him that when you settle in, you go for the hundred,” he added.

Inzamam also believed that Babar was due for a big score considering the immense talent the batsman has at his disposal.

“Babar Azam remained unlucky because he has been playing well. He attacked the bowlers in the start to release the pressure. He hasn’t scored any big knocks recently. He is always in the conversation for the top batsmen in the world and I don’t think he should give such a big gap in between scoring hundreds. We have also become used to him scoring big because of his excellent performances. He had the opportunity to score a hundred because I think the pitch was flat. I think West Indies made the wrong call bowling first. It won’t be easy to bat here in the fourth innings,” he concluded.

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