Inter-Faith Harmony


Inter-Faith Harmony is a significant idea in a multi-religion society. There should be well-managed arrangements for religious concurrence in all parts of the globe. It is the reason in which the thought of Inter-Faith Harmony has achieved immense significance in the background of the societal, religious, and financial state of affairs of Pakistan. Numerous worldwide activities that have happened in earlier years have bound the religious pioneers to search for a couple of new ways and apparatuses to help Inter-Faith Harmony. The terrorist-activities and some other inhuman attacks all over the globe have shaken societies. Under these circumstances, the followers of all faiths need to implement the strategy of tolerance, patience, peace, and Inter-Faith harmony.

As a multi-religion state, Pakistan can’t manage the cost of any segregation, misbalance, and overlooking perspectives towards religious minorities. Minorities have their multidimensional significance. In this way, the idea of inter-faith harmony should be acknowledged by all the sections of the Pakistani public that the Inter-Faith Harmony will develop the religious matters of the populace positively and will carry a communal, ethical, and financial revolution. It is immensely fundamental to emphasize the importance of Inter-Faith Harmony through instructive courses, universities, media, workshops, and public gatherings in Pakistan.

Interfaith harmony embodies the notion of live and let live. In a world of increasing political and economic dissonance, peaceful coexistence among practitioners of various religious beliefs can prove to be the way forward for peace and prosperity. Pakistan will become a better place to live in an exchange of ideas keeps on taking place. There is not much difference in the original messages of love in all faiths. The saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) urging Muslims to protect the rights of faith minorities should be enough for people and authorities should protect them and others to defend the rights of minorities against the terrorists, who do not represent any faith.

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