Indus Water Commissioner Moot


In the aftermaths of Indo-Pak fresh rapprochement, both states vowed to negotiate over the outranging hydro-issues. In the account of this, a two day meeting of the Indus Water Commissioners of Pakistan and India begins in Delhi to discuss various issues, affairs pertaining to water affairs in compliance to the protocols of the Indus water treaty signed between the two states. Both stats sides will discuss issues of mutual interest, including some controversial Indian hydropower projects.

It is pertinent to mention that The Indus Waters Treaty between Pakistan and India was brokered by the World Bank and signed in Karachi in 1960. The treaty gives control over the waters of the three eastern rivers, the Beas, Ravi and Sutlej,  to India, while control over the waters of the three western rivers,  the Indus, Chenab and Jhelum, lies with Pakistan respectively. Under the treaty, both countries can approach the World Bank for arbitration in case of disputes over the use of water resources. Pakistan approached the World Bank in August 2016 to constitute a court of arbitration over two disputed Indian projects: the 330 megawatts Kishanganga and 850 megawatts Ratle hydropower projects.In recent years India has also begun ambitious irrigation plans and construction of many upstream dams, saying its use of upstream water is strictly in line with the treaty. Pakistan has opposed some of these projects saying they violate the World Bank-mediated treaty on the sharing of the Indus waters, upon which 80 percent of its irrigated agriculture depends.

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