Indo-Pak PIC Meeting


Despite stalled bilateral engagement, the 117th meeting of the India-Pakistan Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) recently held in Islamabad. Under the relevant provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) 1960, the meeting takes place alternatively in Pakistan and India annually. The Indian delegation comprising ten members was headed by the Indian Commissioner for Indus Waters Mr. P. K. Saxena, while Pakistan’s delegation was led by Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters, Syed Muhammad Mehar Ali Shah. The entire gamut of water-related issues between Pakistan and India were discussed in the meeting. The Commission discussed the exchange of hydrological and flood data and India assured that all necessary actions will continue to be taken to ensure the free flow of the waters.  Pakistan reiterated its observations on the Kiru Hydroelectric project (HEP) located upstream river Chenab and India’s new run-of-the-river small HEPs on Western rivers. Response to Pakistan’s objections to Indian projects including Pakal Dul and Lower Kalnai was also sought. The Indian side was also urged to communicate advance flood-flow information as per the provisions of the Treaty and the practice in vogue since 1989 until 2018.  Both sides reiterated their commitment to implement the Indus Waters Treaty in its true spirit and expressed the hope that the next meeting of the Commission would be held at an early date in India. The meeting was held in a cordial manner. Both the Commissioners reaffirmed their commitment to interact more frequently in an attempt to resolve issues through bilateral discussions under the Treaty.

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