Indo-Pak Ceasefire Agreement


Indo-Pak escalated hostility is a vertex point that ensues mayhem repercussions to the entire regional security matrix. Ever since its inception, the territorial dispute over Kashmir pushed two states into major military conflicts and the simmering crisis has always given shove waves to the proponents of regional peace.

In light of these border skirmishes both the states settled on a cease-fire agreement in the year 2003, but time and again the agreement was violated by India that resulted in retaliation by Pakistan. After Narendra Modi came to power in the year 2014 situation got worse. Prime Minister Imran khan has over many times proposed for peaceful negotiations, even the captured Indian air force pilot Abhinandan was sent back to India as a part of peace initiating gesture.

Notwithstanding their past dynamics of soaring ties, India and Pakistan on Thursday, 25th passed a joint statement by Director General Military Operation approving to honor all the cease-fire agreements along Line of Control and other sectors in an attempt to mitigate hostility and give way to sustainable peace. The statement highlights reviving its hotline contacts and flag meeting to avoid and to address the core issue responsible for unending military clashes.

Though the peace between both the states has been brokered once again after 2003, the observance of the agreement largely depends upon the political will of both the states. Addressing the core issue is what makes the two states peacefully resolve the Kashmir issues that have been looming as a threat to the peace and stability of the entire region, but this again depends upon the lasting will of both the states to end hostility and give way to peace and stability. The international community has also welcomed the initiative and is looking forward to the agreement in good faith. Provided the status quo, Pakistan and India could extend their military settlements to the political and economic settlements and can work for the progress of both the states, where this agreement like others does not fall prey to political adventurism.


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