India’s surgical strike nefarious design



In recent news, FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi during his visit to the Gulf States stated that India was planning a surgical strike on Pakistan. The possibility of this statement is somewhat high since India and Pakistan, both have remained each other’s antagonists since their partition. And the last time something like that occurred was very recent, the Pulwama crisis. However, the current internally unstable situation that India has been sprawled into is also very important to consider. India faces abundant security challenges both external and internal. Dissimilar to some other nation in the World, Indian security is damaged by legacy issues that incorporate uncertain boundary disputes, not grappling with the major partition of the sub-continent, or culture of rivalry and challenge if there should be an occurrence of one and reluctance to acknowledge India as a reckonable local part on account of the other, subverting Indian strategic space as it tries to grow its political, financial, and strategic impact.

India is currently burdened by several other major issues like the coronavirus insurgency, deteriorating economy, India’s clashes with China, and the very recent ongoing farmers’ protests within the country. All these issues have turned out to be major factors that could prevent India from starting a new problem for themselves by attacking Pakistan once again. The management of internal security, subsequently, assumes extraordinary significance. Only if the internal security issues are handled viably, will be the time when could India be able to attempt to assault Pakistan and face comparative consequences. Conspicuously, the ascent of contentious political issues dependent on sectarian, ethnic, linguistic, or other troublesome standards, is answerable for the numerous public and secessionist developments thriving in India.

India should first focus on improving the issues challenging their regional security and then plan an attack over Pakistan. They should also not forget Pakistan’s response over the violations of LOC during the Pulwama crisis last year.








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