Indian propaganda against Pakistan and China


EU DisinfoLab- an independent EU organization revealed the undeniable facts vis-a-vis Indian propaganda campaign from the past fifteen years against Pakistan and China. The entire network is designed for spreading a global propaganda campaign, that is part of the Indian fifth-generation Hybrid 5GW against Pakistan. The Indian Chronicles network is a perfect illustration of the ABCD disinformation framework. The comprehensive document entails Indian chronicles details of systematic disinformation. New Delhi-based media outlets- New Daily Times, IINS, and Srivastava group,  Since the year 2005,  proactively engaged in pitching propaganda in  116 countries through 750 fake media outlets. Likewise, it holds control of 10 different NGOs accredited to the UN rights council. Furthermore, more than 550 fake persons registering a domain name involved spreading misinformation across the world. Those operatives also mobilize for demonstration in front of the UNHCR. Likewise, in Brussels, it promotes lobbying through fake delegations. The detailed revelation exposed the nefarious Indian designs to dente the image of Pakistan and its strategic partner China in front of the entire world. It also validates Pakistan’s rhetoric of Indian engagement in propaganda warfare involvement over the years. Both China and Pakistan must engage to further investigate the provided information and it should be further highlighted in print, electronic and social media all across the world to project Indian deceitful policy measures and its turbulent behavior that hampers regional peace and stability. It is pertinent to highlight that if this revelation went unchecked, it may further the policymakers in Delhi to pursue the targeted goals. The inclusive and coherent policy should be formulated in terms of legal actions against India. Since China is also being targeted therefore both states can collectively pursue the counter strategy to hold India accountable for its noxious policy impediments.

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