Indian farmer’s protest


The BJP government that champions the cause of the rich has failed to reach an agreement with the protesting farmers. The farmers will continue to gripe against the new farm laws in India until they are repealed. Recently, they rejected the court’s decision to keep them in abeyance, blowing the BJP government and adding to Prime Minister Modi’s misery. Numerous rounds of talks between the agitating farmers and the government have so far been proved futile. Farmers have been demanding the inclusion of one sentence in the agreement that their produce will not be bought below the minimum support price but the government is unwilling to give in and continued its belligerence. If the new legislation is implemented it will lead to corporate control over agricultural production, processing and markets and lower crop prices by eliminating government purchases causing loss to cultivators. Seventy per cent of India’s workforce is involved in agriculture and Modi in his first term promised to double farmers’ income by 2022, still, he is stiff in declining the farmers’ demands. With the agitation snubbing to die down, the Indian court said the farmers’ right to protest cannot be stifled even as it insisted protestors to depart. However, the farmers do not want to participate in the discussions with the court-appointed panel, saying that the court is being misguided by various forces even in its constitution of a committee. The chief justice said the Supreme Court would pass an order if the two sides flop to resolve the vexed issues. In the past decade, more than 12,000 suffering farmers have committed suicide after they failed to pay off their debts. Modi’s government reduced spending on health and education policies and has been causing unrest in most segments of society. His government only carries the mantra of Hindutva and that Hindutva politics of his is giving disparaged revenue. According to the farmers, the agitations and rallies across eight Indian states will continue.

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