Indian Disinformation Campaign


President Dr Arif Alvi highlighted that India was creating an exploitative society and falling into pits of extremism and polarization by pursuing Hindutva ideology and marginalizing the minorities. President Pakistan was the keynote speaker at a seminar organized by Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, where he shed light on the dangerous course of India becoming a fascist state and leaving their secular proclamations aside. The seminar coincided with the anniversaries of 1971 tragedy of Pakistan’s disintegration and terrorist attack at Peshawar’s Army Public School with both the happenings linked with the three factors of love, hate and phobia as the main driving force behind any ideology. It is true that Indian hegemonic aspiration and Hindutva mindset would also have implications in the region and especially for Pakistan. It is also true that the Modi’s biased policies are not only comprising the human rights but also negating the basic rights of minorities of their country guaranteed by the constitution. The recently exhumed disinformation campaign by EU Disinfo lab vindicated Pakistan as it has proved that India using dirty tactics and distorting facts and spreading false propaganda against Pakistan. Pakistan was a responsible and peaceful country and revelations made by EU Disinfo Lab has exposed Indian dirty tactics to undermine and destabilize Pakistan. However, the international community’s silence over fascist tactics of India were questionable, as such Indian tactics have endangered the peace and stability of the entire region. After the huge leak by the EU DisinfoLab through Indian Chronicles, which pointed to a clandestine operation by setting up 750 fake media houses in 119 countries, it has been shown to the world that India was frantically making efforts to cover up its tracks by launching an aggressive hybrid war against Pakistan. As Shibli Faraz put into words, Pakistan has already presented proofs of Indian involvement in Pakistan before the world. Pakistan was playing important role in stability of the region.


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