Indian Atrocities in IIOJK


Kashmiris have been struggling for their basic human rights for over ninety years. Their struggle has passed through different phases: pre partition, post partition, post Burhan Wani and Post 5th August 2019. Their generations have seen and beard countless unforgettable events of massacres, rapes and tortures. Their history of unmatched struggle for freedom has never witnessed a single moment when Kashmiri Muslims gave up their struggle and bowed down to Indian brutal forces. They lost their sons, their daughters & mothers got raped by Indian inhuman forces, women lost their husbands and children lost their parents. Indian military personnel use every brutal method to suppress Kashmiris’ democratically legitimate sentiment of freedom and hurt their religious sentiments to punish them for demanding UN Sanctioned Right to self-determination. Also, frequently repeated incidence of extra-judicial killings in various places in IIOJK, are manifestations of the unabated state-terrorism to which Kashmiris are subjected to in the occupied territory. The IIOJK is witnessing a hostile armed conflict due to the long pending dispute between India & Pakistan, the local population is fighting for right to self-determination guaranteed by United Nation through multiple resolutions. The continuous armed conflict in first six months of 2021 between indigenous armed fighter and Indian armed force resulted 107 killings. Pakistan has been exposing Indian brutalities against the oppressed people of occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The government of Pakistan has recently presented a 131-page dossier detailing a series of atrocities committed by the Indian government in IIOJK. The international community should not turn blind eye to the inhuman treatment of Kashmiris by the Indian brutal and occupying forces and take immediate practical measures to protect the humanity in IIOJK. The UNSC must come forward and implement the resolutions on the disputed territory of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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