India threatening the global peace


India, once a pluralistic society, has now become a religiously and culturally intolerant state after the rise of BJP. The recent killings of 11 Hindus of Pakistani origin in Jodhpur, a region of Rajhastan India, is a new addition to the Indian hostility towards Pakistan and its residents, because previously, Indian regime has shown aggressiveness towards Muslims only. There are numerous cases of mob-lynching and killings of Muslims in India, especially in the IIOJK. This rise of religious and cultural polarization has drastically increased after the rise of BJP, a political frontage of RSS, to power. Under the BJP government, the followers of Hindutva ideology are not only rewriting the literature and school curriculum, but also renaming the towns and streets to discredit the history of Muslims who ruled India for centuries. Stigmatizing non-Hindu identities is resulting in radicalizing and polarizing the younger generation of the country, and along with this, the state-controlled media outlets have supported this nefarious agenda by toeing the line of the radical government and disguising the marginalization of religious minorities in India. If one analyzes the formidable rise of Hindu radicalism in India, the nefarious hegemonic designs of the incumbent regime in the region also become evident. As mentioned in the Hindutva ideology that “India for Hindus”, following this ideologue the radical Hindus dream of dominating the Indian sub-continent where two Muslim nations, Pakistan and Bangladesh are located. To make this stratagem a success, India is employing terrorism, extremism, and ever-increasing humanitarian crisis. This regional supremacy entails the subjugation of other identities residing in the region and challenging Pakistan, a predominately-Muslim archrival of India and a nuclear deterrent state, India is jeopardizing the regional and global peace.


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