India is no more a secular state


The Hindutva ideology of RRS has changed the secular status of the country. The extremist Hindu party under supervision of warmonger Modi has destroyed the so called democratic identity of India. Under Jawaharlal Nehru, India was always envisioned to be a secular state which was home to people of varied casts, creeds and religions. With these steps, India has obliterated its very foundation on which it achieved stability and progress. According to 2018 census, India has over 201 Million Muslims. The Citizenship Act has shaken the nationalism of these 201 Million and it is set to play out in the near future. Muslims across India, who never raised their voices against the oppression of Kashmiris, are now out on the streets fighting for their rights and those of their brethren in Kashmir.The International Community and the United Nations are able to observe the stark differences between Azad Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir. Imran Khan, as the ambassador of Kashmir, has made his mark on the World Forums. His speech in the United Nations General Assembly was heard and applauded by nations across continents. It is because of efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that UN Security Council called a meeting on Kashmir. In a similar fashion, International media is providing historical coverage to the lockdown in Kashmir and highlighting the human rights abuses.
The European Union in January came close to passing a resolution condemning the actions taken by the police and Indian Army in Kashmir. The US Senate openly condemned the actions of the Indian Army and Ms Omar, a US Senator, termed Kashmir “on the verge of genocide”. Even Xi Jinping of China, who is due to visit India on Friday has made remarks for freedom of Kashmiris and their fair treatment. 

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