India attacks Amnesty Intl



India has accelerated its attacks on the world rights organizations for highlighting its brutalities and human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. In the recent wave of attacks Indian officials raided the offices of renowned human rights group Amnesty International on trumped up charges of foreign funding from the United Kingdom that violate local law. It is widely believed that the investigation into the funding sources of the respected human rights group is a pressure tactic being employed by the Indian government to stop the group from highlighting grave human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. In September, Amnesty International had launched a campaign and called on Indian prime minister to lift the inhuman military curfew in Occupied Kashmir that has crippled the lives of millions of Muslims since August. Modi had revoked the constitutional autonomy of Occupied Kashmir on August 5 this year and imposed a military curfew in the area, imprisoning millions of people. Thousands of ordinary citizens were detained after the move. Widespread allegations of torture and abuse of these detainees by the Indian security forces were published by the international media in the following weeks, as Delhi showed no signs of easing restrictions. The raid on Amnesty India’s office is indicative of a concerted effort by authorities to silence individuals and groups that work to defend human rights. The Indian authorities have used allegations of financial “irregularities” to obstruct the work of other human rights organizations. Amnesty India works tirelessly to advance human rights for all people in India, including initiatives on human rights education and campaigns to end discrimination, unlawful killings, violence against women and abuses by companies.

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