Increasing Water Reservoirs


The construction of new dams and reservoirs is vital to meet the impending challenges of water shortage and power generation in Pakistan. Unfortunately, we have not invested in construction of new dams after 1960s. Water is not only used in agriculture sector but also in hydro-power projects. The incumbent government is totally focusing on zero carbon power generation. Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to construct ten new dams in the next decade. The construction of new dams had not been a political priority over the last two decades. Every country in the world is experiencing hot weather due to global warming. Pakistan is among the ten most affected countries in the world due to climate change. The present government is focusing on all the projects that are environment friendly as we want to be a contributor in solution of global issues. It is good omen that the present government is focusing on construction of new dams out of which the work on Bhasha, Dasu and Mohmand is underway. Unfortunately, last dam constructed in Pakistan was in 1975. The people must be aware of the serious steps of present government towards construction of new dams. Through dams, cost-effective energy will be produced. Water scarcity in the country has set alarm bells ringing after rivers are drying up due to less rainfall. Dams are best source of water reservoirs and the water can also be used effectively in agriculture sector.

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