Increasing Terrorism: A Challenge to Peace and Security


The quantum leap of terrorism in Baluchistan is shocking to Pakistan. Recent attacks in Balochistan not only destabilized the stability but created a threat to the security and peace of the state. The recent border attack, two attacks occurred just when Pakistan’s security apparatus was under discussion and analyzing a deadly attack late last month in Kech, Balochistan, where Baloch insurgents targeted a security post, resulting in the martyrdom of many soldiers. When the Prime minister of the state is on his visit to China, the attacks sent out an ominous message: the security situation may well be getting out of hand. Clearly, not only have the number of attacks shown an increase, the violence is turning out to be deadlier than all previous hit-and-run assaults. The Baloch insurgents are becoming a challenge to Pakistan’s security situation, as they seem to change their tactics and have upped the stake. Seen together with increasing activities and attacks by the outlawed TTP, the security picture in Pakistan looks increasingly grim. ISPR referred to a communication intercept connecting the attackers with their handlers in Afghanistan and India. If true, this is deeply unsettling. While Pakistan had been routinely censuring the Afghan intelligence service NDS and India’s RAW in the past for provoking trouble in Balochistan and KP, there was a sense of optimism that Kabul’s new rulers would uphold their commitment and not allow Afghanistan’s soil to be used against any state. There is no indication that this is happening.  Due to sensitivities and Pakistan’s relations with its western neighbor, Pakistan has been reluctant to speak publicly on the matter. National security Advisor Moeed Yusuf during his visit to Kabul highlight these issues very evidently. It is clear by now that the Afghan Taliban want to help Pakistan but are not willing to use coercive tactics to rein in the TTP and other militant groups, leaving few policy options for Pakistan. Now, it is a need of the hour for Pakistan to revisit and review its counterterrorism policy and took a hard look at its national security policy as well.

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