Inclusive LG system being introduced in Punjab: PM

CM Buzdar briefs PM Khan about performance of Punjab ministers




Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that an integrated and comprehensive Local Government System is being introduced in Punjab which will bring a revolutionary change in governance. Chairing a meeting of the Punjab Provincial Parliamentary Party in Lahore on Wednesday, he said people expressed their full confidence on the local government system instituted by the PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which brought remarkable improvements in the health, education and law and order sectors.

Imran Khan said the proposed local government system in Punjab will lead to a new thinking.

The devolution of power will empower the common man in real terms, besides the immediate and transparent resolution of local issues for sustainable development.

The Prime Minister said improvement cannot be expected unless we improve the system in our cities. He said the new local government system in Punjab will bring positive changes in the lives of people. Imran Khan said our government has also brought a detailed and wide ranging poverty alleviation program which is unprecedented and will have far reaching impacts.

The Prime Minister directed to give farmers appropriate payment for wheat crop in the province and remove all irregularities in this regard. He also directed the administration to take special steps for curbing the inflation and profiteering during the holy month of Ramazan.

Earlier, the Prime Minister was given a detailed briefing on new Local Government System in Punjab. The meeting was informed that separate local governments will be set up for rural and urban areas under the new Local Government System. A Panchayat system will be established in each village, whereas Neighborhood Councils will also be established in urban areas.

The briefing proposed to increase the number of metropolitan and municipal corporations.

It was further apprised that the tehsil council elections under Local Government System will be on party-basis while the elections of Neighborhood Councils and Panchayat on non-party basis.

Members of the Provincial Assembly said the establishment of new local governments at the level of Tehsil and Panchayat is a bold decision which will benefit the local populace.

Earlier in an interview with BBC, Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphasised that Kashmir issue has to be settled and cannot be kept boiling. The two nuclear-armed neighbours could only settle their differences with dialogue. Imran Khan said peace with India over the disputed territory of Kashmir would have tremendous affect on the entire region. He said if India comes back to attack Pakistan, Pakistan would have no choice but to respond. The Prime Minister said liberation movement in Kashmir is a political struggle and there is no military solution to this issue.

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