Incident of Karbala reminds us of the great sacrifices of Imam Hussain (R.A)

Speaker NA said that the fourth wave of Covid-19 is rapidly spreading in the country


Islamabad: Speaker National Assembly Mr. Asad Qaiser and Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan suri in their separate messages to the nation on Yaum-e-Ashura, have said that Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions (RA) were the noblest models in preaching and practicing the Qur’anic philosophy of patience, sacrifice and martyrdom. Their unflinching faith in Almighty Allah and the Day of Judgment, their exemplary devotion, dauntless courage, and unfailing patience in the way of Almighty Allah was a unique exhibition of the spirit of patience and martyrdom described in the Holy Qur’an.

The Speaker said that the fourth wave of Covid-19 is rapidly increasing in the country. He said that Delta variant of Covid-19 has resulted in loss of various lives. He insisted upon following the Corona SOPS during Muharram-Ul-Haram proceedings. He said that by following the precautionary measures, we could stop the widespread of this chronic disease.

On this occasion, the Speaker said that the incident of Karbala reminds us of the great sacrifices of Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions for the sake of truth and justice. He said that Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions are a timeless example of Qur’anic teachings, tolerance, sacrifice and passion for martyrdom.

The Speaker said that it is our collective responsibility to stand firm in the face of the tyrannical forces which are spreading chaos in the society to achieve their nefarious aims. He said that the best way to pay tribute to the martyrs of Karbala is to make commitment on this day to work and devote oneself for the development and strength of the country. “We have to forget our trivial differences and adopt the teachings of Islam and promote peace, security and brotherhood,” he said.

The Speaker termed the Ashura sacrifice as a great sacrifice against falsehood and said that it would be a beacon for those who would come till the Day of Judgment.

The Deputy Speaker National Assembly, Qasim Khan Suri, has said that on this day of Ashura, the battle was fought between the forces of truth and falsehood, which would continue to impart Muslims a lesson of sustained struggle against oppression. He said that this is the path which the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) taught us to follow and his followers (RA) offered great sacrifices. “Yaum-e-Ashoor reminds us the lesson of adherence to the truth, firmness of belief and being steadfast against tyranny” he added.

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