ICCI appreciates launch of Gender Protection Unit in the Capital

ICCI in collaboration with Islamabad Police has set up a facilitation desk


Islamabad: The Islamabad Police under the chair of IGP Qazi Jameel ur Rehman organized a roundtable conference on the Gender Protection Unit. Speaking at the occasion, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) hailed the establishment of a Gender Protection Unit (GPU) by Islamabad Police and termed it a proactive move in the right direction. He said that Islamabad Police was introducing new services for the facilitation of citizens, which was laudable. He said that the GPU would provide more confidence to businesswomen and working women for protection of their rights. He said that the women were half of our total population and they needed better institutional support to play their effective role in the economic development of the country. He said that a network of GPUs should be set up across the country to provide easy access to women for complaint registration and redress of their genuine issues. He said that ICCI would play a role in creating better awareness about this facility in its member companies as well as in markets and industrial areas so that women could take full benefit of this facility for safeguard of their rights and redress of complaints.

He said that ICCI in collaboration with Islamabad Police has set up a facilitation desk in its premises and the Chamber would continue to work with police to further improve the security situation in commercial and residential areas in the federal capital to make it a more peaceful and safe city for business and investment activities.

The round table conference was attended by Fatma Azim Senior Vice President ICCI, senior officials, civil society members, foreign delegates and desk staff. The Round Table Conference reviewed the performance of the Gender Protection Unit and Helpline 8090 over the past month. IG Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman and participants in the conference appreciated the performance of the Gender Protection Unit. Conference participants put forward various suggestions to make the performance of the Gender Protection Unit more effective.

The Gender Protection Unit Desk received 77 applications while the Helpline 8090 received a total of 131 complaints of various types including 65 calls. 51 domestic violence complaints, 3 sexual harassment complaints, 11 harassment complaints, 28 neighbours’ complaints, and 9 different types of threat complaints were received while 5 people were arrested. Under various provisions, 46 complaints including 6 cases have been resolved while 43 pending cases are being processed. 10 women received guidance through the helpline. Through social media and other media, 86 percent people expressed their liking while 5 per cent people gave negative feedback. IG Islamabad appreciated the excellent performance of the female staff posted in the Gender Protection Unit and commended them. The IG Islamabad said that due to the launch of the Gender Protection Unit, there has been a significant reduction in domestic violence and other cases.

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