I may be a teacher if not an actress: Zendaya

OAKLAND: Zendaya would have been a teacher if she hadn’t become an actress. The ‘Euphoria’ star’s parents both educate children and, as they are a “major influence” her, she thinks she would have followed in their footsteps if she hadn’t found success with her passion.
Zendaya said: My parents are educators and they’ve been a major influence on me.
Teachers are very important figures in society, despite being one of the least paid.
They spend their lives dedicating themselves to helping young people learn about the world and life in general. If I wasn’t in this business, I would have probably followed in their path.
The 22-year-old actress began her career when she was just 12 years old and will always be grateful for the support of her parents, who vowed to “stand behind” her and give her the help and support she needed in order to pursue her dreams. She told heat magazine: “The only thing [my parents] wanted to be sure of was that this what was I really wanted to do.
“When I told them that I was sure, they said that they believed in me and would stand behind me and that’s what they’ve done my entire life. I feel very grateful to have parents who allowed me to follow my dreams. You have no idea how many times a week they would drive me back over the years between Oakland and Los Angeles. “It’s a long, six-hour drive and that costs a lot of money for two teachers earning low salaries. “But that’s how much they believed in me and supported me.”

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