Humanitarian Crisis in Making


The tectonic shift in Indian politics corresponds with the rise of BJP as the dominant political party and it has raised concerns for the regional and global peace because of repressive policies of BJP in India. Under the guardianship of BJP regime, the Hindutva ideology and radicalism is increasing which is empowering the Hindu radicals, undermining the rights of religious minorities residing inside the country like Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, and influencing the foreign policy of India towards its peace-loving neighbours. The formidable rise of Hindu radicals to power is also repressing many sane voices inside the country and region, and spiralling into a humanitarian crisis for the world. There is a significant increase in the extremist and terrorist activities in the region, backed by the Indian state. This authoritative upswing in the Hindu radicalism in India falls in line with the underlying principle “India for Hindus” or “Akhand Baharat” of Hindutva ideology. This depicts the aspirations of India for regional hegemony and have an everlasting impact on the disruption of regional and global peace. India’s belligerence like threatening its neighbours, violating their sovereignty, transgressions of human rights, and military skirmishes entails the prospects of a nuclear escalation. The rise of Hindu radicalism and country’s regional hegemonic aspiration should be cognized as a threat to the peace in the region and beyond. For this the sane voices of India should come together and unite against the Hindutva forces in India to put halt to the constitutional marginalization of religious minorities. There is need for collective effort, combining all suppressed minorities of India, foreign humanitarian organizations and global civil society can further the agenda of freedom of religious minorities and safeguard their rights in India. Moreover, Pakistan should keep on exposing the Indian state-sponsored extremism and terrorism in the region and present it to the international and regional forums to show the real face of Saffron Terror to the world. Otherwise, the humanitarian crisis is eminent.

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