Human rights day and the women of IIOJK


The world has recently observed international Human Rights day. The theme of this year was Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights. While the world observed Human rights day, the people of Indian occupied Kashmir are facing the brutalities of India. The women of IOK are particularly subjected to great sufferings since long. Many of them have been widowed, displaced, tormented, raped, and imprisoned. Many of them lost their sons in the hands of Indian forces in the valley. Even their daughters are not safe. Many children are orphaned. Because of the ultimate chaos, women in Kashmir are forced to endure enormous hardships. Their life is quite difficult, but these women are brave enough to accept the challenges they are facing. The vulnerability of the women in this occupied region has become a constant phenomenon. Women in conflict zones have always been victims of wide-ranging forms of hostility. The women of Kashmir are going through the same situation. They are not only rape survivors but a huge number of them also became half-widows as a result of large-scale aggression in the region by Indian forces. The existence of half widows has become a common trend now. They are those women whose husbands were picked up by the Indian armed forces and then they never returned. The standoff and nonstop harassment by the Indian forces have a deepening effect on a Kashmiri woman. This effect certainly trickled down to other spheres of her life. There is no doubt that Kashmir is bleeding constantly since ages but the world is ignoring it by taking it an issue alive still long. They aren’t aware of the changing scenarios within the region and most importantly what all is there in the mind of every Kashmiri youth.  Therefore Indian forces are targeting the youth deliberately. The women and girls of Kashmir have grown up knowing too much, too fast about clash, trauma, bombs and violence. In order to attain impartiality many women and girls are left behind without a voice. The human rights about which we care a lot, unfortunately they don’t have any.


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