Housing Demands


According to the 6th census of Pakistan the total population of the country is above 216 million whereas the total number of housing units available for this population is about 32 million with an annual growth of about 2.4 %. According to estimated statistics the country need about 10 million more housing units. The government is taking different initiatives to meet the housing demands of the people of the country and has launched different schemes in this regard. Under the ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Programme’ which is meant for low income segment about 1.6 million applications have been received so far.

The Naya Pakistan Housing Programme was launched by the Prime Minister Imran Khan this year with a view to provide housing facility to the low income segment on easy installments. The housing sector in Pakistan has lagged behind the regional countries due to lack of mortgage facilities to people by banks. But the government sector alone cannot meet the growing demand of housing sector. The public-private partnership is vital to meet the objectives of providing housing units to the people of the country. For this purpose the models of the foreign countries should be followed. The housing sector can also create a number of job opportunities besides stimulating the construction related industries. If this sector is mobilized then the wheel of development will play and government will also get huge return in term of taxes. There is also need of training and education in this sector and by-laws to bring this sector at par with the developed countries of the world.

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